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Exploring the Mystique of the Mississippi: A Journey aboard the Creole Queen Riverboat

August 24, 2023 Blog

The Mississippi River is not just a geographical feature; it's a living embodiment of history, culture, and commerce. And what better way to experience its captivating essence than aboard the Creole Queen Paddlewheel? Join us as we embark on a vi… Read More »

Paddler wheeler vs. Steamboat

July 19, 2023 Blog

Steamboat vs. Paddle Wheeler  When people think of the Creole Queen many assume that it is a traditional steamboat, but in reality it is in fact a paddle wheeler. So what is the difference?    Steamboat By definition any bo… Read More »

The Perfect Summer day in New Orleans

June 20, 2023 Blog

  Summertime in New Orleans is just like the city: one of a kind.   Whether you're a food lover, a music enthusiast, or just looking for a good time New Orleans has so much to offer for everyone!  Morning:  In… Read More »

Celebrate with us This Holiday Season

December 14, 2020 Blog

  Join us on the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen for one of our delightful and festive holiday season cruises! Let your imagination set sail on the Cajun Holiday Tea with Papa Noel and all of his friends or take in an elegant evening with Caroling… Read More »

How Mighty is the Missisissippi River?

June 14, 2019 Blog

The Mississippi River is a symbol of American history, progress and culture and here at the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen we are amazed by its strength and beauty every day. It is known as one of the world’s major river systems in biological produ… Read More »

A New Orleans Bachelor Party Guide: Where To Stay, Eat, & Drink

December 2, 2018 Blog

If you’re looking for a wild and memorable bachelor trip, look no further than New Orleans aka the city that never sleeps and where the party never ends with Bourbon street going strong until the wee hours of the morning. Known for its historic… Read More »

A New Orleans Bachelorette Party Guide

September 14, 2018 Blog

With so much to do and see, New Orleans is one of the top destinations for bride-to-be’s and their bride squad from boozy burlesque brunches to amazing city views from our rooftop bars. We know planning a perfect Bachelorette Party in New Orlea… Read More »

How to Spring Break in New Orleans

March 13, 2018 Blog

  A New Orleans Spring break is where it’s at; whether you’re on a budget, ready for a blow out, or just making NOLA one stop on an epic road trip. Spring break is different for everyone; you might have just a few extra bucks l… Read More »

How To Make New Orleans Bread Pudding

July 26, 2017 Blog

Have you ever felt sad because a whole loaf of good French bread went stale before you could use it? Guess what… it still has a purpose! In a traditional Creole or Cajun kitchen the cook rarely lets any food go to waste. These creatively minde… Read More »

Meet the Historians!

July 13, 2017 Blog

Focusing on the critical Battle of New Orleans, the twice daily Historical Cruise is narrated by one of our three knowledgeable guides. They will take you on a journey through the history of the city as you sail downriver to the Jean Lafitte National… Read More »

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